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Miami-Dade County Arrest Records

Miami-Dade County has a population of roughly 2,500,000 people. For more information on Miami-Dade County, including its history and governmental departments visit the county website. Legal Grab also offers access to Palm Beach County, Broward County, Monroe County, Martin County and more.

Legal Grab provides detailed information on each Miami-Dade County arrestee including full name, residential address, age, sex, race, arrest date, arrest charges and ZIP-AGI. Utilize the personal and demographic data we provide to strategically target your prospective clients in Miami-Dade County.

How recent are the arrests?

Our Miami-Dade County arrest data is provided to you as soon as it is made available to the public. Miami-Dade County arrest reports are updated every morning and show arrests for the prior day. The data is accurate, delivered via a web app and all addresses are scrubbed to ensure that you do not receive any returned mail.

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Legal Grab is the best source for Miami-Dade County arrest mail marketing data. Our service has helped firms increase their revenues and make more money. Sign up with Legal Grab and get instant access to Miami-Dade County arrest records. We highly recommend you do a Free Demo and try our service for free.

Arrest Stats

  • 313

    Arrests in the past 24hrs

  • 1967

    Arrests in the past week

  • 9145

    Arrests in the past month

  • 90

    DUI Arrests past week

  • 422

    DUI Arrests past month

Our Arrest Data

Arrest Data

Collection, verification and display:

All arrest data that we provide is collected by us directly from each individual arresting county. The arrest data is straight from the source. Our in house data collection ensures that the arrest data is timely and accurate.
Once we gather the arrest data we clean all individual arrestee addresses and verify they are deliverable. This virtually guarantees no returned mail. Postage discounts are also available, ask us how. Read more
Once the data is collected, cleaned and verified we provide it to you via the web app. The web app does not require any software to download. Access the arrest records anywhere. Read more

Arresting Counties

Counties within the State of Florida:

Arrestee Info

The data provided for each arrestee:

Full Name: The arrestees first and last name.

Address: The arrestees full residential address.

Age: The arrestees age.

Arrest Date: The date the arrestee was booked. more

Arresting County: The arresting county. more

Charge(s): The arrestees charge or charges. more

Sex: The arrestees gender. more

Race: The arrestees ethnicity. more

ZIP-AGI: The arrestees ZIP code adjusted gross income. more

Miami-Dade County Arrest List

arrests added in the past week

Date First Last Address Age Sex Race ZIP-AGI Charge 1 Charge 2

Miami-Dade County Arrest Map

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