Address Scrubbing

We only provide accurate and verified deliverable addresses

What is address scrubbing?

Address scrubbing is the method of taking "raw" address data and running it through USPS certified software to ultimately obtain correctly formatted deliverable addresses. USPS certified CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) software is what we use for ensuring the validity and deliverability of a US postal address. This method is used throughout the mail marketing industry.

Why do we scrub addresses?

Legal Grab collects all of the information it provides through our own internal server programming. The addresses that we gather are in raw uncleaned format, therefore we must clean the addresses before providing them to our clients. After gathering the raw addresses we use CASS-Certified™ software to clean, verify and confirm deliverability. We only provide scrubbed addresses.

What are the benefits?

To sum it up: it saves you time and money. A big benefit to using scrubbed addresses is the decrease in probability of return mail versus using raw addresses. Another benefit to using CASS certified scrubbed addresses is the ability to obtain postage discounts. The USPS offers postage discounts to businesses that follow their bulk mail postage discount guidelines.


The addresses that we provide are verified and confirmed deliverable using CASS-Certified™ software. All addresses include ZIP+4 which ensures faster delivery.

Confirmed Deliverable

All of the addresses that we provide to you have been confirmed as deliverable by the USPS. We will never provide undeliverable addresses to any of our clients.

Postage Discounts

We will be more than happy to provide you the required CASS™ Summary Report needed for you to receive discounted bulk mailing from the US Postal Service.

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